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You can find the experience articles of those who have experienced the ISIC Card, which is valid in many countries and offers you a lot of discounts, here!
Doğan Can Karabudak
Unlike people who are dedicated to the road, I think what makes me different is that I try to make my travels cheaper or free. From the moment I got bored with the situation I was in and started looking for "Other Ways", I came across many opportunities or I don't know if I created these opportunities, but let me tell you a little bit about my favorite opportunity, the ISIC Card.
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Yeva Nahorna
Hello. I am a happy holder of an ISIC student card from Czech Republic and want to share my experience with you!
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Vadym Zashkolnyi
I'd like to share my personal experience using the ISIC card. For me, it's an indispensable tool.
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Umut Utku AKÇA
The ISIC card has revolutionized my student experience and offers unparalleled opportunities and savings. It's not just a card; it's a key that unlocks a world of opportunities. Take a listen to my experiences all over Europe!
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Ahsen Dolaş
I have spent most of my life exploring and having new experiences. Seeing new places, experiencing and learning about different cultures is a really exciting adventure for me. And these adventures have always been even better with ISIC. Let me tell you a little bit about it.
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Yunus Güven
I am Yunus Güven.
One of the things that contributed the most to my student life was my passion for exploring and seeing new places.
I have always supported this with the ISIC Card. You can read about my experiences here!
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Ebru Zeybel
I am a psychology student studying in Istanbul. This summer, I had the opportunity to visit several countries in Europe, both to expand my academic knowledge and to discover new cultures. During this process, the advantages of the ISIC card made my trip both economical and unforgettable. That's why I would like to share my experiences using the ISIC card with you!
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Eva Špoljarević
Hello, my name is Eva Špoljarević. I am a student continuing my education in Croatia. Additionally, I had the opportunity to study in various countries through the Erasmus+ program. Throughout this journey, one thing that has been incredibly helpful to me is my ISIC card.
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Ahmet Sevban Yıldırım
I am a 2nd year computer engineering student who is still in the middle of university life. As you know, the intensity and difficulty of engineering students' courses are quite high. As you can imagine, I take advantage of these intense periods by going to free projects during the summer. One of my biggest supporters in this process is ISIC Card.
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Mehmethan Doru
Hello, I am Mehmethan. I am a computer engineering student and in this process I experienced erasmus+ study mobility. With the advice of my school, I decided to get an ISIC card and I didn't realize that it has so many advantages. Until I used it in Lithuania...
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Serhat Can AKÇA
Hello, I'm Serhat Can AKÇA. I studied Civil Engineering at Bursa Technical University and graduated a year ago. Currently, I started working in a company in Istanbul. During my student years, I had the chance to go abroad with Erasmus+ projects and my ISIC card was my biggest assistant in managing my budget in this process. Let me tell you about it!
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