Alternative Paths and the ISIC Card

My Essential Travel Companion
Hello, I'm Doğan,
You might know me as "Alternative Path." I’ve been contemplating where and how to start this story. While I know the starting point, I have no idea where or how it will end. So, let's begin from what I know.
Yolculuklara Başlangıç: Seyahat Tutkumun Kökenleri
I’ve been on the road for as long as I can remember. Life has introduced me to various paths in ways I sometimes couldn’t understand. The biggest factor here was my parents’ profession. From a young age, I lived in various parts of Anatolia for long periods. This led me to pursue my education in many different cities across Anatolia. I believe my sense of not belonging anywhere and my free-spirited nature stems from this.
The Economic Side of Traveling: Cheap and Free Journeys
Unlike many people who dedicate themselves to the road, my unique approach lies in trying to travel as cheaply or freely as possible. Whenever I felt stuck and started seeking “Alternative Paths,” many opportunities came my way, or perhaps I created these opportunities myself—I’m not sure. Yes, I do occasionally have individual trips, but as I mentioned earlier, about 80% of my travels are through projects, training, and exchange programs.
The ISIC Card: My Greatest Travel Companion
This is where the ISIC card comes into play. For someone like me who constantly travels and participates in various projects and training, the ISIC card is more than just a discount tool—it has become a lifestyle.
What is the ISIC Card?
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a globally recognized identification card that offers students discounts and benefits in various sectors. With this card, students can access discounts and advantages worldwide, from travel to shopping. The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted student ID and is recognized in over 117 countries.
Benefits and Uses of the ISIC Card
The ISIC card significantly helps me save on my travels and projects. Here are some of the benefits it offers:
  • Transport Discounts: The ISIC card provides substantial discounts on train, bus, and flight tickets. As a frequent traveler, these discounts greatly ease my budget.
  • Accommodation Discounts: From hostels to hotels, I can get discounts on various accommodation options with the ISIC card, reducing my lodging expenses.
  • Museum and Cultural Event Discounts: I love attending museums and cultural events during my travels. The ISIC card offers discounts for these activities as well.
  • Shopping and Dining Discounts: The ISIC card provides discounts at numerous restaurants, cafes, and shopping outlets, helping me save on food and shopping expenses.
The Impact of the ISIC Card on My Travels
The ISIC card has truly become indispensable for someone like me who actively travels and participates in various events. Using this card allows me to have a more economical and enjoyable travel experience. The advantages offered by the ISIC card enable me to travel more efficiently and plan my trips better.
Economic Travels:
The ISIC card significantly reduces my travel expenses. Particularly, the discounts on tickets provide considerable relief for my budget, allowing me to travel more and see more places.
Cultural Experiences:
The ISIC card offers discounts on museums and cultural events. This gives me the opportunity to attend more museums and events at the places I visit, enriching and making my travels more meaningful.
Comfortable Accommodations:
Accommodation costs are one of the largest expenses during travels. With the ISIC card, I can get discounts on a variety of accommodation options, from hostels to hotels, enabling me to have a more comfortable and economical lodging experience.
In short, the ISIC card is not just a discount card for me—it has become my most valuable travel companion. Thanks to this card, I can travel more economically, plan more effectively, and enjoy my trips more. I highly recommend the ISIC card to all travel-loving students. Thank you, ISIC!
The standard ISIC card is valid for 16 months. Annual renewal is required by re-submitting proof of enrollment each academic year.

Your ISIC is the globally-recognized student ID that will open doors to fantastic student discounts in Turkey and around the world. From affordable travel and accommodations to discounted entertainment, technology, food and more - start taking advantage of ISIC benefits today!

Stay tuned for our next blog with insider tips on getting the most out of your ISIC card. Let the student savings begin!

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