Discount Partners

Over 150 000 enterprises worldwide turn to ISIC as one of the most reliable student marketing expert. With over 60 years of brand history, ISIC has been the student’s best friend, striving to make student life better all around the globe, and we invite all enterprises – large and small - to join this cause. Along the years, ISIC has garnered support and trust from organizations like British Council, Microsoft, Lonely Planet, IELTS, The Economist, Hard Rock Café, Hostelworld to mentions just a few.


  • You will be able to tap-in a youth segment which is your loyal customer of tomorrow
  • We will do the promotion for you
  • Due to the appealing offer, you will achieve incremental sales
  • Your relevant offer will enable customer shift from competitors to your business
  • We will provide local and international exposure of your offer
  • You will have a chance to engage with the customer to secure its loyalty in the future when he loses access to ISIC
  • We will help your business gain attention from students, obtaining a student-friendly image
  • The young customer forms a habit and becomes a loyal customer even after losing access to ISIC offers


  • Please write to us using the form below, indicating:
a) What is your product or service?
b) Where is your business located –
physically or online?
c) What kind of discount offer you
would provide for students and
  • We will create a promotion plan for your offer
  • We will prepare and send you a cooperation agreement
  • You will provide us with visual and textual materials
  • We will create communication materials
  • We will instruct you on card recognition and offer application
  • You will be responsible for tracking and reporting the offer redeem rate
  • You will be able propose additional campaigns, short-term deals, give-aways etc. to raise extra attention
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries